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State Information for CCAM Proclamations

The  American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) has set a goal of obtaining official proclamations in all 50 states by September 2017 for Childhood Cancer Awareness month. We know childhood cancer affects children in every state in the country and it is important for all states to take official action recognizing the significant and devastating impact of the disease. Although September is several months away, state government often moves slowly, so we need to act now.

We need your help contacting the Governor’s office in your state to help us reach this new goal. ACCO, as a national organization, has contacted your state and they are looking forward to issuing the proclamation. However, for most states, the request must come from a local resident.

If your state is listed below,  simply click on your state and you will be directed to the state’s proclamation page to submit your request.

Some states do not have a submission request form, in which case you will need to send an email directly. If your state is listed below, you will need to email your request to the email address provided.
South Dakota:

If your state is not listed above, we have already contacted your state with a request to issue a childhood cancer proclamation in September.

New Hampshire
New Mexico 
New York
North Dakota

Don’t know what to include in your request? Sample proclamation language can be downloaded below:


For additional guidance or  if you receive a response from your state’s Government office, please email Jamie Bloyd at upon notification, so we may follow up together.

We anticipate that this proclamation will be the start of an ongoing joint effort with the states to raise awareness about childhood cancer. Thank you in advance for your continued support of the American Childhood Cancer Organization!