Help make a difference
in the lives of the nation’s childhood cancer
patients, survivors & their families.

What We Do

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New Patient Bags given at diagnosis: Included in each rolling travel bag ( that can be used for frequent hospital visits) is:

  • Information about childhood cancer – books, journals, and a binder full of tips from 30 years of parents’ experience
  • Toiletry items- shampoo, soap, lip balm, hand lotion, soft tissues, hand sanitizer, q-tips, etc.
  • Essentials that have been requested over the years by parents/families/hospital staff – pill organizers, pill crushers, thermometers, wet wipes, pens, post-it notes, highlighters, etc.
  • Amazon Fire Tablet
  • Gas and grocery cards
  • Etch-a-sketch, pillow pet, blanket, age appropriate additional toys

Thank you to the Rypien Foundation for partial funding of this program.

Staffed Office at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital: A place for families and children to find refuge and assistance – whether to stop in for a gas card, an emergency overnight bag for unexpected hospital stays, a listening ear, information, or a toy or snack, we are available to support families during difficult days. Toy boxes and snack baskets are also stocked in the outpatient clinic for approximately 20 patients daily.

Toy “Poke” Box at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital pediatric oncology outpatient and ACCOIN office: Stocked toy box to bring a smile to children visiting the hospital.

Emergency Financial Assistance: When a child is diagnosed, many times one parent must quit working or take a great deal of time off work to attend to a demanding treatment protocol. This loss of income coupled with added expenses can create financial hardships for families already reeling with the news that their child has a life-threatening disease. Families in active treatment are eligible to apply for funds.

Supplemental Expense Assistance: Gas Cards, Grocery Cards, Hospital Cafeteria Meal Cards, Restaurant Cards, Parking Validation.

Hero Beads: The ACCO Hero Beads Program is a resilience-based program that combines art and medicine to help children map out and cope with their childhood cancer treatment. Hero Beads are designed to let children with cancer commemorate their personal cancer journey. Every time that a child has a procedure—whether a chemotherapy infusion, radiation therapy, a bone marrow aspirate, a blood transfusion, etc., a parent or a member from the medical team can give him or her a special bead to add to his or her string of beads. Each bead represents a specific treatment that the child received. For example, a red heart bead represents a blood transfusion. For more information click here.

Christmas Adopt-A-Family: Community organizations, businesses, individuals, and ACCOIN make the holidays better for families who may be struggling with the holidays – whether because of finances or just being too completely overwhelmed to attend to celebrations in light of their circumstances. If you are interested in sponsoring a family at the holidays, call 509-443-4162 or email:

Family Support Night: In partnership with Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital and the Rypien Foundation, monthly support groups individualized for parents, teens, siblings, and patients.

Monthly Support Lunch: In partnership with local restaurants and The BrickHouse Massage and Coffee Bar, lunch, chair massages, and paraffin hand waxing are provided for families and staff alike. This much loved monthly event reduces stress and bonds families and solidifies the special place that caretakers have in the lives of critically ill children. If you have or know of a restaurant that would like to be involved call, 509-474-2759 or email

Special Family Events: Events for the families to remember that they are still a family and even during stressful, financially strapped times, they can still laugh with others that uniquely understand what they are going through. Our two biggest family events are our Annual Summer Party/Membership Meeting and Christmas Party Reunion.

Educational Assistance for Higher Education: Download Application

Informal Bereavement Support: Books, resource information, special gatherings to connect families, an annual retreat, and an annual candle light vigil.

Family Day Camp – Three times a year, we bring newly diagnosed families together as a family to get to know each other and provide mutual support for the entire family. Click here for more information.

On-line Support Group: – ACCO Inspire Community

Family Support: Valentines, Easter, and Halloween treat bags, a birthday club for patients and siblings (thank you McDonalds for providing certificates), Parents’ Night Out