Founding Hope

What is Founding Hope?

ACCO is focused on families. That's how we know, through over 10 years of surveys, that approximately one third of parents spend 40 or more hours a week taking care of a child with cancer. Often times it is families who are young, starting out in their careers and less financially stable who will face extreme financial hardship from a childhood cancer diagnosis. Most importantly we recognize the intense desire for parents to make their own child's story known, to change things for other children, to help bring hope to other families.

Through our Founding Hope program we recognize the conflict individuals and families feel between the intensity of desire to change things in honor of a child in their lives diagnosed with cancer and the limited time and resources available. That's where ACCO steps in. You provide the inspiration and we provide the administrative support to make it happen.

When a Founding Hope is established we take care of IRS filings and tax receipts, provide custom designed webpages and donation pages, ACCO logo usage, and fundraising ideas, materials, and one-on-one staff support.

Families affected by childhood cancer have been through enough. Founding Hope funds can provide support with medical bills, food, transportation expenses, child life programs in hospitals, psychosocial and educational resources, support for siblings, survivorship, funeral expenses and in other ways customized to the immediate needs of our children and families.

We meet needs right when and where it’s needed most. Will you join us?

For questions on how to start at Founding Hope chapter or for more information on how to obtain support from the Founding Hope program please contact our Founding Hope Coordinator, Andrea Wright at: [email protected] or call 1-855-858-2226 ext. 107.