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American Childhood Cancer Organization Newsletters


While still operating as Candlelighters, we produced a biannual journal to bring our constituents the latest information on our programs, as well as on childhood cancer treatment and survivorship issues. Each issue is available as a downloadable PDF file. Many of the individual articles are also available as web pages on this site as well, as shown below in the bulleted lists. Please be sure to subscribe to our E-Bulletin, ACCO’s new tool to strengthen the grassroots childhood cancer community.


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FALL/WINTER 2007 (PDF file)

  • Naomi’s Hope for a Cure Gala
  • Childhood Cancer Awareness Tree 2007
  • Relapsed ALL: Chemotherapy vs Transplant
  • Suicidal Thoughts and Attempts in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer Survivors
  • Message from the Board – October 2007
  • Health-Related Outcomes for Hodgkin Disease Survivors – COG ALTE04N1
  • Affiliate Corner
  • A Message from Executive Director


  • New Resources for Survivors of Children with Cancer
  • Relapsed ALL: Questions for Parents to Ask
  • Coming Together and Moving Forward: National Affiliate Conference
  • Affiliates Provide Services Nationally
  • Affiliate Corner
  • Naomi’s Hope for a Cure

FALL/WINTER 2006 (PDF file)

  • Candlelighters Expands Mission To Include Research
  • Targeted Therapeutics: An Introduction
  • Targeted Therapeutics Workshop at International Cancer Congress 

SPRING 2006 (PDF file)

  • Osteonecrosis: Bone Pain & Loss of Function in Child Cancer Survivors


FALL 2005 (PDF file)

  • The Problem of Pain in Childhood Cancer Survivors
  • Stories from Adult and Child Survivors Who Have Suffered with Chronic Pain

SPRING 2005 (PDF file)

  • Age Matters: The Problems with Teen Cancer Care
  • From Behind a Cancer Teen’s Eyes
  • Tips For Teens – Excerpted from the upcoming book Bald or Shaved by Jarrett Stein
  • Clolar!”: First Childhood Cancer Drug Approved Initially for Children in More Than a Decade
  • FMLA Regulations Being Challenged by Ruth Hoffman

FALL 2004 (PDF file)

  • Neuropsychological Testing: An Excerpt from Educating the Child with Cancer

SUMMER 2004 (PDF file)

  • Family Medical Leave Act and Childhood Cancer


FALL 2003 (PDF file)

  • Genetics and Anti-Leukemia Therapy: The TPMT Story by Mary Relling MD
  • New Approaches for Resistant Brain Tumors by Roger Packer MD (Includes Rhabdoid Tumors)
  • Improving Informed Consent in Childhood Cancer Trials by Eric Kodish MD

SPRING 2003 (PDF file)

  • Late Effects Of Treatment To The Teeth by Nancy Keene & Kevin Oeffinger MD
  • It’s only a Phase! Clinical Trials Part II by Dr. Susan Shurin, MD

FALL 2002 (PDF file)

  • Comprehensive Follow-Up Programs: A Necessity Not A Luxury by Nancy Keene & Kevin Oeffinger MD
  • Clinical Trials Part I by Steven Hirschfeld MD
  • Study Launched on Rare Inherited Bone Marrow Failure Disorders and Cancer Risk

SPRING 2002 (PDF file)

  • Targeting Cancer In The 21st Century by Brian J. Druker, M.D.
  • Bone Health after Childhood Cancer by Nancy Keene and Kevin Oeffinger, MD
  • New Alliance to Advocate For Children With Cancer Formally Announced
  • FDA Considers Suspending “Pediatric Rule” by Ruth Hoffman

FALL 2001 (PDF file)

  • Palliative or Hospice Care: Does my child need this service? By Joanne Hilden MD and Sarah Friebert MD
  • Cognitive Late Effects To The Brain, Part II By Nancy Keene and Kevin Oeffinger MD

SUMMER 2001 (PDF file)

  • Cognitive Late Effects in Leukemia Survivors By Nancy Keene and Kevin Oeffinger MD

SPRING 2001 (PDF file)

  • Treating High-Risk Neuroblastoma at the Turn of the Century by C. Patrick Reynolds, MD PhD and Beth Hasenauer, RN MS
  • Late Effects to the Thyroid Gland By Nancy Keene and Kevin Oeffinger MD

FALL 2000 (PDF file)

  • From Petrie Dish to Patient: Targeting Cancer with Monoclonal Antibodies by Susan Edmonds
  • Late Effects to the Heart: Anthracyclines and Radiation and the Heart by Nancy Keene and Kevin Oeffinger MD

SUMMER 2000 (PDF file)

  • Children’s Oncology Group (COG): New Cooperative Group Created to Cure and Prevent
  • Genetic Changes in Cancer: Second of Three Parts by Eric P. Hoffman PhD
  • Long Term Follow Up Care: Is it Necessary? By Nancy Keene and Kevin Oeffinger MD

SPRING 2000 (PDF file)

  • Practical Genetics in Cancer: The Human Genetic Code. First of three parts by Eric P. Hoffman PhD
  • Second Malignancies? by Nancy Keene and Kevin Oeffinger M.D.
  • Your Child and the Individualized Education Program (IEP) by Ruth Hoffman

FALL 1999 (PDF file)

  • Cord Blood Transplants by Leonard Johnson, M.D.
  • Hepatitis C