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While treatment for childhood cancer has improved drastically over the past 38 years of our organization’s existence, from less than 20% survival to about 75% overall five year cure rate,childhood cancer remains the number one disease killer of our nation’s children.Children face aggressive treatments leaving a trail of devastation for their families.The impact of having a child diagnosed with cancer is deeply felt financially, socially, and emotionally by the entire family. The diagnosis of a child with cancer is often at a time when the family is young and has a limited income. Often, there are other small children to care for. Often, one parent has to stop working to care for their sick child. The needs are great, and since our inception in 1970, ACCO has become a recognized leader both nationally and internationally in the providing pediatric cancer family support.

Currently, the search for less-toxic treatments (and ultimately a cure) is vastly underfunded, and the cause is under-publicized.

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We are seeking corporate partners who are interested in helping us raise awareness of the symbol for childhood cancer, the gold ribbon. 


Our cause-marketing mission is simple:

We want to offer companies a way to engage employees and customers alike, and we are committed to helping corporate partners form individual plans that are completely unique and supportive of areas that are most important to them.

The childhood cancer community may be smaller than those of other types of cancer, but it is made of committed professionals, devoted parents, and grateful children. We are all fighting for hope, and we would love for you to be in our corner.


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